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InFocus - Make the most of Kepler Analytics Dashboards
User Audit + Like for Like (LFL)

Who is this for:

  • Kepler Analytics Dashboard admins who oversee multiple stores
  • Non Kepler Analytics Dashboard users who would like to experience features of the system
  • Data / Business Analysts who want to be able to compare and forecast trends accurately

In this webinar we will be covering:

  • The User Audit Dashboard which allows key users to monitor which dashboards are being accessed and their frequency of use.
  • The importance of Like for Like (LFL) comparisons

The User Audit dashboard is a key component of ensuring your users are deriving value. You will be given a deep dive into this Dashboard, and shown how to filter by role, user and time. You will be able to see who is using dashboards and who is interrogating the data. This will drive deeper understanding of high power users, and their insights.
Like for Like comparisons are increasingly important. In this session you will be shown how to create exclusion periods to ensure year on year comparisons provide even greater clarity. Like for Like exclusions are very simple to establish and set up. For those planning network changes in the future, or even trying to keep ahead of lock down closures and the impacts they will have on 2021 comparisons.

Friday 26th February 2021 8:30am AEDT (45mins)

Thursday 24th February 2021 4:30pm EST