Retail Radar LIVE

Our previous Retail Radar LIVE attracted over 30 attendees and the interaction and feedback across the group was very vocal and well received. In this webinar David Gordon (Kepler) and Rob Hartman (Stenton) explore:

  • What landlords are talking about or avoiding (Rob Hartman, Executive Director – Stenton Retail Property Services
  • What the quantitative data is showing in Australia
  • Key retail data trends leading up to Easter
  • The complex interaction and dependencies between web and store traffic patterns
  • Your experiences and to learn from your peers

In this webinar we will welcome your input into an open discussion to share your experiences and learn from your peers. Please note that we will be recording this webinar. Any input that you provide is most welcome and feel that this is the most valuable aspect of these webinars. With that said, please do consider your input carefully, as we plan to distribute the entire replay online after completion.

We will also be running Kepler product specials exclusively for attendees of this webinar, so reserve your spot today, spaces are limited!

8:30am - 9:15am AEDT
Tuesday 16th March 2021

4:30pm EST Tuesday 16th March 2021